Contractor Contracted

The contractor_contracted event will send details regarding a newly contracted contractor.

Response Schema:

String  event_type      ## Event type will be "contractors/events/contract_activated"
String  id
Integer contractor_numeric_id
String  account_id
String  client_id
String  of_id
String  contract_id
String  contractor_guid
String  enrollment_id
String  company_name
String  first_name
String  last_name
String  middle_name
String  email
String  external_id
String  date_of_birth
String  address1
String  address2
String  city
String  state
String  country
String  postal_code
String  department_of_transportation_number
String  motor_carrier_number
String  profile_photo_uri
String  drivers_license_number
String  drivers_license_state
String  drivers_license_expiration_date
String  termination_date
String  contracted_on
String  location
String  insured_id
String  expected_termination_date
String  tin
## Status Options (1: "ACTIVE", 2: "INACTIVE", 4: "CANCELLED", 5: "IN PROCESS")
Integer status      
Object phones
Object deposit_options
Object enrollment_data