Document Updated

The document/updated event will send the details for a document that has been updated in ICM

Response Schema:

String     event_type      ## Event type will be "document/updated"
String     id
String     effective_date
String     action_date
String     approval_from_client_by_user_id
String     approval_from_cms_by_user_id
String     approval_notes
String     approval_status_by_client
String     approval_status_by_cms
String     category
String     category_name
String     content_type
String     contractor_id
String     create_by_user_id
String     create_date
String     custom_reference
String     description
String     document_type
String     document_type_name
String     esign_instance_id
String     insurance_client_product_election_id
String     is_active
String     is_admin_document
String     is_missing
String     is_required
String     modify_by_user_id
String     modify_date
String     needs_approval_from_client
String     needs_approval_from_cms
String     next_notification_date
String     parent_document_id
String     privacy
String     template_document_id
String     transaction_id
String     unique_id
String     url
String     user_id